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Dubai Nightlife & Nightclubs in Dubai

Thinking about going out clubbing in Dubai? This is your number 1 resource to find a great nightclub in Dubai. We have searched hundreds of websites and other directories, to find you the number 1 nightclub in dubai.


Nightclubs in Dubai

Nightclubs in Dubai are quite odd to find, whether you are looking for the best nightclubs in Dubai to go out with a group of friends, or have a birthday party coming up and looking for the perfect birthday party venue, we have the best directory of the submissions for you.

In case you were wondering, a Nightclub is a place where you go that serves alcoholic beverages, usually this is a place that opens late into the night, these include categories like venues and bars.

You can spot a nightclub from a regular bar because it has a DJ that plays music LIVE, there are also usually some kind of moving lights, where bars are aimed at the mass market, nightclubs tend to target a more niche market, people like you and me who look for somewhere to DANCE late into the night!

Some Nightclubs in Dubai have VIP areas, where you can pay extra to book a table, you will also find bouncers in a nightclub. You do not usually find bouncers in a bar or tavern. Bouncers are used to screen guests and ensure that no drunken trouble happens!